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        The Connected Globe



Technology Introduction




Throughout the world demand is growing for power that is produced cost effectively, reliably, of high quality and environmentally safe.


Industrialized countries worldwide are experiencing power supply limitations, due to ageing and fragile distribution infrastructures. Many regions are seeing electricity prices and site power installation costs significantly increasing.


Communities in the developing world have difficulty gaining cost effective, easily accessible, reliable 24/7 electricity. The Freepower® ORC equipment is developed to provide a wide range of advanced solutions for fully dispatchable electricity generated from wasted heat, combined with ease of operation needed in demanding environments, for applications ranging from remote locations to city centers, from temperate climates to permafrost zones.


This innovative, fuel free, zero emissions equipment delivers high quality power from a wide variety of wasted heat sources. Produced through engineering excellence, it offers industry, commerce and communities economically viable, totally clean and reliable small-scale electricity production.


Features include very low maintenance costs, good equipment life between major overhauls, and quick payback on capital invested.


The Adobe® PDF file which introduces our Company, our Technology and our products is currently being updated to the current engineering specification level.


Systems Overview


This page provides a brief introduction to the FREEPOWER® ORC Turbine Generator (or Organic Rankine Cycle Turbine Generator, to give it it's full title).





All FREEPOWER® equipment is developed under licence from TTL-Dynamics Ltd.


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